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Key Benefits of a Decluttered Home

It’s the month of LOVE and there’s no better time to show ourselves some self-love quite like getting organized! So what are the benefits you might wonder?

Minimalize Stress –

Life often throws many variables at us and the amount of stress can feel endless at times. When you arrive home each day you deserve to be welcomed by a peaceful and inviting space to spend time with family. Clutter has been proven to be linked to anxiety and depression. Clearing the physical chaos can in return help clear the mind.

Productivity –

When there’s a designated spot in the home for everything, less time will be spent rummaging around looking for stuff. Everyday necessities, children's school/sports gear and travel essentials should have dedicated zones to allow for quick access in a pinch.

Clean Quicker –

Cut your cleaning routine time in half! If the countertops or floors are hidden by clutter it will inevitably take longer to clear and clean each time. If avoiding the clutter means neglecting a regular cleaning schedule, this will allow dust, allergens and bacteria to build up causing those dreadful sniffles.

Save Money –

We’ve seen a huge increase in prices for household goods in the last two years, and I think I can speak for all of us when I say, we want to keep our money for the things we actually need and enjoy. I’ve often been told by family members and clients that they’ve bought the same items over and over again, simply because they don’t remember where they’ve stored items purchased the first time.

Improved Sleep –

When we go to sleep with unfinished tasks surrounding us (piles of laundry, important paperwork, kids toys) we end our day with the daunting reminders of unfinished business. Treat your bedroom like a hotel or spa, that is where you recharge for a productive tomorrow. When experiencing a 5-star hotel, the last thing you’ll find is clutter.

Efficiency –

The clutter building up in your home is stopping you from living the way you desire! Has that spare bedroom turned into a catch all? But instead you’ve dreamed of it being a craft room or in-home gym? Freeing up prime real estate will allow your home to work for you and not against you.

Leading By Example –

As the head of the household, other family members are watching your actions and following your lead. Running a tight ship in home management creates success in other areas of life and teaching this to the little ones is a priceless gift. Use this as motivation to keep yourself accountable to your goals.

Sense of Pride –

Has your personality and style become lost in the chaos? If the well-curated look you envision your home to have is hidden, decluttering will help revive your sense of style! There’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when you’re proud of your home.

Overall, living an organized lifestyle will have you putting your best foot forward mentally and physically each day.

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong but sometimes it is letting go” ― Herman Hesse

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